Poster Design

We love to be present in the “real world” and facilitate people to meet. What better way than creating posters for events with socially conscious content?  

Latino film was a monthly event for which we not only created the visual identity, or the animations, or curated the films that were shown, we also thought about how the space, and the experience, could work. Long story short, what we designed for the night was a talk about one of IBIS´ projects, a film that related to the theme, and a Djing/dance/meeting point afterward, with custom-made projections to have conversations, raise awareness, and acquire volunteers for the organization.


Poster for Car-sharing Initiative

Every car that is shared in town makes six others disappear. That is the key idea for this poster and the event that we organized, where various streets of Copenhagen were closed for two days, with only the shared cars visible, to understand the impact this can have in cities. The community and businesses around it loved the idea.

Jeg er Yasuní

This campaign talked about the loss of land suffered by the Yasuní tribes in Ecuador. We designed the identity for the campaign and the posters for the photo exhibition about the topic. This included the maps based on satellite photography, where conflicts between the wood extractive industry and the tribes happened.

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