OXFAM/Operation Dagsværks

Winning Project Presentation

Character, magazine, and presentation design (Prezi) for a project about migration from Guatemala to the States and the loss of lives that take place along the way.

The inspiration came from old Mayan masks and tales, and the division that these migrants have between risking their lives leaving or staying in the country.

Operation Dagsværks is Denmark´s global student movement, where young volunteers carry out an annual campaign targeted at students within the Danish youth system. All students work for a whole year fundraising for an international development project carried out by a Danish organization.

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OXFAM/Operation Dagsværks

Winning Project Presentation


We designed the presentation (Prezi), the magazine, and the visual storyline for a project that educates young people from poor mining areas in Sierra Leone to become strong, politically sharp mining activists. The local activist must take the lead in the fight against exploitation and corruption and ensure that a fair share of the profits from the mining industry go to education and development.

Concord Denmark – Layout design

Layout & Icons Design – What EU taxes should do for the poor

Concord Denmark is a network of development NGOs, which is part of Concord Europe. Concord Europe represents 1600 development and humanitarian organizations across Europe.

REED Studies – Layout design

Non-Carbon benefits for local and indigenous peoples 

Publishers: OXFAM, CARE, IWGIA, NOAH, and Forests of the World

These papers focus on the importance of Non-Carbon Benefits in REDD+ delivered by indigenous peoples and forest-dependent communities. 

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Design of Knowledge exchange platform, in Share Point, and layout of tools 

Development a structure for a platform in Microsoft Share Point to share information and tools among Danish embassies to work with young people in their respective countries. We also designed the layout of the tools, written editable documents, to be shared.

We thoroughly research best practices that encourage knowledge-sharing, participation, and their blockers.

GBV mitigation during the COVID

Layout and project infographics 

These documents provide guidance for the protection of survivors and for gender-based violence (GBV) response in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Globally, GBV – particularly domestic or family-based violence – are on the increase as many families are isolated or under lockdown for weeks in their homes. Women staying at home with abusive partners are at increased risk of being severely harmed. To mitigate this situation, OXFAM presents a defined approach to support monitoring, mediation, counselling, interim safe spaces and safe homes. See all guides here.

Prezi pesentation for Action Aid

To design the presentation for the project Action Aid presented to Operation Dagsværks, a movable project, based on shipping containers, for education and health care in the slums of Zimbabwe; we built a model to recreate in miniature what the project would look like. We wanted to transport the audience to the actual little city that Action Aid would build and have a better sense of our vision.

Details of the model built for the presentation

Miscellaneous: Illustration, Posters, Book Design…

Our curiosity has brought us to find solutions of various natures. We love books, posters, tales, and anything that has to do with helping understand ideas (nerdy grids included). So please, click on the buttons over the cases to learn more about what we can do for you.

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