Yo Galgo – Documentary film

Yo Galgo is an award-winning documentary about an invisible genocide taking place in Spain while the authorities look the other way. More than 50.000 galgos are either killed or abandoned after the hunting season. This balanced film is an exposé of the sharp divide between animal rights and the traditions of a nation, a story never told.

Subtitles are available in ten languages. The film is recommended by the Spanish Ministry of culture for audiences above 13 years of age.

A story never told

Once raised only by Spanish noble families, the Galgo has had a remarkable fall from grace, yet their story is relatively unknown around the world. Even in Spain, their plight is often unheard of, or worse, ignored.

The unregulated and mass-scale breeding, the cruelty associated with breed selection, and the opaque use of public land used for hunting made it hard for an outsider to access the world of Galgo hunting. However, with the help of his Galgo Bacalao, the director and videographer Yeray López Portillo was able to enter, and be accepted, within the hunting circles in rural Spain to reveal previously unheard stories and testimonies. The film takes an in-depth look at the hunter’s perspective as well as the people fighting to end Galgo hunting. 

Channeling global interest 

From the beginning, we understood that this film could and should become an international piece, but we did not expect so much interest in our work when we started opening up the project to the public. We created digital meeting points in which to share opinions and network. Our Instagram, Facebook, and MoonLeaks soon took off with tens of thousands of friends.

In collaboration with the NGO World Animal Protection Netherlands, we collected more than 100.000 signatures demanding the Spanish Government ban hunting with galgos. Yo Galgo has been contacted by European parliamentarians, both in Spain and in Germany, as well as lobbyists in The Hague, to bring this issue to the European chamber. 

Original Soundtrack and music videos

Music production was a fundamental part of our strategy to reach bigger audiences. So we created a record label and produced the score with Arturo Cardelús, which was recorded with a full orchestra in L.A. 

Here you have some of our music videos

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